New Pricing for today’s customers!

After listening to my clients and collecting data over the last 10 years, I have made drastic changes to our pricing. With today’s availability to near professional printing, today’s client wants to be in control of their images.  After 31 years, I have found a way to answer the call.  Part of what you used to pay for for an 8×10, went to time spend manipulating images to a full blown touch up.  With some images, I can spend anywhere from 15min to an hour, making it a beautiful work of art. But not every image requires special work, and to do so might change the vision of the artistry of the photographer.  We all want to look like someone in a magazine.  In order to provide this requires a photographer to spend a lot of time.  For the past few years, I had my 8×10’s priced at $25 each.  This included artistic touch up.  Consider a photo-shoot that lasts 3 hours and then another 3-5 hours to touch up every image.

My new approach is this. We edit your images for contrast, brightness, color correction, special cropping, and manipulate according to the look of our brand. Every photo we shoot will include this for free.  Order photographs from us at lower prices…$8 for an 8×10.  Or order the digital file at $25 with rights released.  If you wish to have major artistic manipulations done to your favorite images, we are happy to do that for you. We charge $10 for each file. (one time fee for that image)  Consultations are free to collaborate on your requests. IE..removing people, cars etc.


Before Artwork                                 After Artwork

Photo by Purdy Art Co. Photo by Purdy Art Co.

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