About the artist

I grew up as a child in North Mississippi and then as an adult I lived in Tennessee. Most of my life I have always had a camera in my hand. My uncle who was a photographer was my mentor and my inspiration for being a professional photographer. At age 16, he shared his passion to create beautiful memories. I looked up to him for many reasons, but mainly because he was always happy at what he did for a living. After getting my first camera, he quickly asked me to “go along” with him at a wedding he was shooting. I was hooked. Not only with the creative side of the trade, but with the story we told in the images we made. After having “tagged along” with my Uncle, he handed me a camera on the next wedding…and he was shocked. I remember him looking at the prints and saying…”gal you’re better than me now” So he gave me his camera and sent me off into my career. So by age 19, I owned my own photography business and I have not stopped since then.

After several years as a young woman with a camera attached, I decided to branch out into other areas of photography. I fine tuned my skills in commercial, fine art, children’s portraiture, seniors, photo restoration, digital (just as soon as the first digital camera hit the markets), Photoshop, digital painting, desktop design and illustration, videography, sports photography, event photography…..you name it in photography and I was there.
After a few hundred weddings, I noticed that I needed some other skills in order to handle what I affectionately termed “my problem children” So I went back to school as an adult and got a degree in the mental health field. So during the week I worked at a hospice agency, both as an employee and as a volunteer. It was a true personal growth period for me and I have been grateful ever since. Ask me on a one to one basis, and I’ll be happy to share with you why this time in my life brought me to a clearer vision on why I chose to dedicate all my energy to “Wedding Photography”
I’ve looked back since after my time with Hospice and I’m one of those people now…just like my Uncle who loved what they do for a living. I’m grateful everyday to be living in Eureka Springs, still making photographs and art….hanging out with new friends…capturing  memories for a lifetime. Wow, what a life, and how lucky I feel, to be surrounded by other people who have the same passion to create lasting memories for our visitors.
I have a spouse who I love dearly (together now for over 20 years). I know I’m a lucky woman. Lucky to be alive and lucky to be with the love of my life…and lucky to have some of the best friends who we love and laugh with often in this magical place we call home…Eureka Springs.

One thought on “About the artist

  1. It is evident your gift,your passion is photography. Capturing special memories for people is not a job but away of life. A gift we are so fortunate you shared with us at our daughter and sons wedding. Following the wedding many guest had wonderful things to say about you. My husband is a hard man to impress, but he thought you were the greatest. I am so glad Ashley pick you to capture her special day. Thank you! The Mom, Rebecca Nichols

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